Fenix Alkemi is a unique E-Zine and Blog website that posts creative art, design as well as articles, poems and ideas on magic(k)al concepts and curio items. All inspired by the esoteric and the spiritual communities drawing most inspiration from the world of the Occult. You’ll see eclectic work, products and commentary as well as choice endorsements of Ceremonial Magic(k), Alchemy, Hermeticism, Kemeticism, Heka, Wicca, Witchcraft and more.

Fenix Alkemi will also compare and share thoughts on how current events, pop culture and everyday life can be recognized to be an effect of conceptual belief, philosophy and practice.  Let’s face it, current human culture seems to be based on three main points; politics, religion and currency. This in turn reflects on how we may see the world, function in it, process the ILLUSION and project our own illusions back out into it. Fenix Alkemi hopes to inspire you to think, reflect and maybe even help change through your actions, magic(k), WILL and perceptions, that can help us all affect the process of changing the lead of the current state of humanity from devolved lead, into evolved gold.

Please note that I’d like to add here that this is not a blog/website that supports or out-right endorses any one tradition, system or group above any other. In fact while you may find a lot of images, articles and items that are made for, or inspired by most practices, we are in no way trying to claim any lineage, rights or associations to anything, anyone or any organization. So please save the outcries and outrages for another site.

Further this is not a religious website and will not be used to bash anyone, flame or wag any fingers in the “holier than thou” games played so much on so many other forums today. This is more of a E-Zine and like any magazine, here you look, “flip/click” through the pages and enjoy.  Explore or seek to make a purchase from our FA Artifacts, or through a sponsored ad or other reference.  Understand that any comments left are completely up to me or any other authorized administrator’s discretion to share or post anything. So it is officially stated here that we reserve the right to accept or reject any comments to/on/or about any article, art, writings or any submissions that will compromise the harmony of what Fenix Alkemi represents. The respect of all points of views, belief, philosophy and practices. Also while we welcome feedback and submissions as too. We will review and notify you on any submissions, link requests and suggestions, but must retain the right that solely at our discretion that we will accept your requests and submissions and will promptly respond to those who understand our vision and are conducive to the virtual alchemy of the Fenix Alkemi website.

Fenix Alkemi is about magic(k), spiritual alchemy and human evolution. We endorse creativity and being inspired by the eclectic variety of the metaphysical worlds and especially always asking “WHAT ARE THE LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES” of what we can do. If we all just lighten up and have a more open mind then some of us pretend to have, then there are no limits. We respect and support ALL and EVERYONE is welcomed! Fenix Alkemi is not playing favorites and in fact our philosophy is that they ALL contribute to the collective conciseness that we are all looking to reach the accomplishment of the Great Work and realize as INDIVIDUALS, one’s own True Will and our personal realization of the Summum bonum.

Thank you for visiting.