FA Artifacts


Welcome to FA Artifacts! a section of our website that is our online Consignment and Online Curio Shop.

Here at Fenix Alkemi, we are like a Dragons, we horde and find treasures and like to keep them. But one can only keep things they never open, use, or barely, if ever use for so long before it all piles up and you find yourself living like Smaug and sleeping on a pile of shiny and sparkly things that need good homes. On top of this we  like to make hand crafted items, art and custom designs that one may not find or want to experiment with.

We are currently updating our online store with curio items and consignments.  Please keep us bookmarked as we fill and updates through the rest of 2015.

Any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

Visit out current shop here.

Also if you are a creative and mystical being and would like to add a consignment piece. Let us know and we’ll post the item on our shop. Please visit our Consignment page to learn more on how consignment listings on Fenix Alkemi Works.

Custom art and crafts pages to come soon.

  • Creative wood work art
  • illustrations
  • esoteric custom graphics
  • creative commissions
  • Unique Esoteric and Occult items

Projected shop open date November 2015