Thought Experiments

The energy of this sphere is well suited for acquiring knowledge and wisdom of any arts and sciences along a physical nature and find or touch God within our physical constructs. Through the Beni Eloheem we manifest the knowledge to unite man with God. and as stated before how that knowledge applies to the complex universe.

Hod is the Sephirot of truth, and of knowledge through divine means, and so the virutue to uncover deception and to find the truth of things. The light of God here is powerful enough to illuminate all falsehoods. Visit here when you feel someone is being untruthful and you want to discover the true nature of these things.

The Vice potential in Hod, is the use of truth and of knowledge as a weapon against others or in some kind of game to gain superiority over another. In other words this is when it is misused and can fall into the realm of dishonesty and being untrustworthy. You do not always have to be correct and the “truth” may back fire on you and reveal you as the one at fault and deceiving yourself.  Ideally,  more knowledgeable you assimilate, the more humble you should become.

If used correctly, Hod can be a great resource to acquire the energy currents of discovery that lead to Knowledge and through knowledge the doorways to touching the gods and through the gods understanding the conceptual universe.


On working with the energies associated with Hod. I found interesting suggestions that one might consider the colors and purpose of a talisman that may be created to house Hod intention and energy.

Yellow = path = direct = action
Orange = Sephiroth = form = manifest

If your magical intention involves attracting a force, then you might use the color of the Corresponding to the planet, since Sephiroth attract force into themselves to facilitate manifested forms.

If your magical intention involves projecting a force, you might want to use the color reference of the Planet on the corresponding path on the Tree of Life, since the paths are active and represent force in motion.


  • Works for uncovering truths in others or yourself
  • Works in helping to solve academic problems
  • Works to help you deal with a difficult teacher or authority.
  • Works to help you understand and navigate Legal issues.
  • Works to help you navigate and understand the “technical” rules and applications of various subjects
  • Works to enhance ones process of study and absorbing knowledge.
  • Works in the proper use of practical wisdom.
  • Works to use your imagination and ask for ways to develop  your rational mind and intelligence for ideas to be a better “thinker”

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