Correspondences of Hod

The Golden Dawn Practicus grade is a level of initiation in the Golden Dawn system. The grade symbolizes the third initiation in the the sephirah of Hod on the Tree of Life. It is represented by the numeric symbol and by the element of water. The word Practicus is Greek for “practitioner”.

Hod Correspondences




Letters: Heh= 5 – Window – Aries – Emperor | Vav = 6 – nail, Taurus, Hierophant | Daleth = 4 – Door, Venus, Empress)
Splendor: (spiritual experience)
Orange: (Queen Scale)
Elohim Tzabaoth:  (Divine Name) Atziluth
Michael:  (Archangel) – Briah
Beni Elohim:  (Angelic Choir) Yetzirah
Sons of Gods: (Translation of Beni Elohim)
Kokab: (Mercury) Planet of the house of Assiah
Grade: Practicus
Incense: Storax
Planet: Mercury
Metal: Mercury or Quicksilver
Gemstone: Fire Opal
Image: Hermaphrodite
Plant Kingdom: Orchid
Geometrie symbol: Octogram
Number: 8
Tarot: 4 Eights (Swords, Wands, Disks and Cups)
Image: Hermaphrodite
Element: water
Symbols: Names of Power, versicles, apron of the Mason

Personal Thoughts of Contemporary Symbols (or where I can find Hod influences): The Library, College or School, the Lecture Hall and podium, the journal, artist studio, the Sketchbook,  The note book, writers desk and tools, The Magicians Temple,
Virtue: Truth
Vice: Dishonesty

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