Beni Elohim

psychic_defense1“and the Name of Order of Angels is Beni Elohim, or Sons of the Gods who are also called the Order of Archangels.”

The Beni Elohim are the Sons of God or Children of the God(s). They can be likened to the polarity of male and feminine divine consciousness and providers of human intelligence. The Beni Elohim also help us recognize that Divine “God-Self” or awareness in the individual. They initiate the rational mind to initiate the Great Work and reveal the divine complexity of the universe.

The Elohim and the Beni Elohim are the ones who help use with our perceptions of the forces and forms that make up our “gods” in aspects, achetypes and images. I personally take from this that our Archetypes seem to be borne and constructed by these custodians of force and form, and through Hod, we use our intelligence, or hope to, in helping us to assimilate and develop intelligent consciousness to achieve divine Splendor.

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