Are you a creative magickal being who needs an outlet to sell your wonderful creations?

Fenix Alkemi  offers virtual consignment services to may help you. We are be more then happy to post information and images of products and items for those who don’t have time to sell their art, jewelry, crafts, designs, books, e-books etc. Send us information about you and your services, an image of the item with description and condition*. A link to a website or facebook page and price information and we’ll post your work and items here. We will make any arrangements for a small fee if it sells here and let you know right away when sold and where to ship.

Consignment Perks:

  • We will share your item on our Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest and Twitter Pages
  • listing on Web store for unlimited number of days.
  • List in our E-newsletter
  • You set the price. (see agreement)
  • Communicate on your behalf with buyer
  • immediate payment when sold.


* condition applies if the item is a thrift shop item and has been used. much like something you would post on a auction website.

Consignment Agreement:

We appreciate you choosing Fenix Alkemi to sell your items.  Below please read our terms:

  1. We ask that you please have us post a maximum of 12 items at a time (per month). This allows us to easily price, post and monitor all items in the web shop. The item(s) can be of an esoteric nature and purpose.
  1. We will do our best to price your items fairly for you and the buyer. Prices can be agreed upon at the time of consignment.
  1. Please be sure the item will be available while listed on Fenix Alkemi and ready to ship. We do not plan to clean or repair your items. Also be sure the description is as accurate as possible.  If you don’t want to be an honest and professional seller, we don’t want to sell for you item(s) and cannot in good conscious endorse you – thanks!
  1. Special HOLIDAY ITEMS (Samhain, Solstices, Equinoxs, Beltane, Litha, etc.): These items will be accepted approx. 60 days before the holiday and reduced at our discretion (probably 50% off) the 3 weeks before the holiday. Any unsold items will be reported back to you.
  1. CONSIGNMENT TERM: All items will remain in the online shop until sold and Fenix Alkemi will reduce the prices as needed to sell them (no more than 20% every 30 days). Items that have been in the store more than 6 months or more, we will update you on the status and give you the opportunity to have us pull it or keep online. We will do our best to sell the item. but you can stop the listing at any time you choose. If for any reason the item is sold on your end. Please alert us immediately if it is a one of a kind item.
  1. We DO NOT have insurance for your items AT ALL! We will not cover them for loss or damage while shipping. We are the middle guy and We suggest covering this in your pricing in case this your item is expensive and you feel this may happen.
  1. PERCENTAGE: Fenix Alkemi will retain 35% of the selling price on items priced $19.98 and higher and 50% of the selling price on items priced below $19.98. We reserve the right to adjust as needed throughout the time of your listing term. But we remain open to negotiations as well for bulk sets or high end items.
  1. PAYMENT: Fenix Alkemi will process your sales immediately. Your payment can be issued as quickly as 3-5 business days of the purchase date; this can be via check by mail or PayPal transfer. We will alert you if an item sells and when the issue date for your payment will be! If you have multiple items listed and would like to have a set amount by how many items sell, we can arrange this. For example, you have 3 items listed and want to see if they sell by the end of the month. If they sell then all three payments can be issued at once. feel free to check with us as often as you like to know the status of your account.
  1. You must be thee legal owner and/or creator of any items sent to us for consignment.


As a consignor of Fenix Alkemi, I agree to the terms stated herein. By submitting your request to post you agree with the above terms.