Fenix Alkemi list of Services to be listed here.We are building our network of reliable resources for you to explore. More content to come soon. Bellow is a short list of what Fenix Alkemi can do for you.

Salem Shopper – Can’t get to Salem MA, and needs supplies? Contact us to do the shopping for you. Much like a personal shopper for celebrities, Fenix Alkemi will do the leg work for you. We are located in Salem MA, the witch City and can shop for items as needed and ship them out to you. On top of a great personal shopper, you will have a knowledgeable consultant who has working knowledge and experience in the areas of Wicca, Hermeticism, Kemticism, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Thelema, Golden Dawn, Neo-Paganism, Magick and more. *

Please contact me for more information and Personal shopper fees.

Graphic Design

Reiki Services

Alchemy Consultations

Hermetic Consultations

Witchcraft Consultations

Commissions Custom Art

Commissions for Custom items (see shop for hand crafted items)


* Fenix Alkemi / Phoenix, will always find the best prices and places to purchase or obtain your items for your needs. We reserve the right to shop where we feel best and assured to get the best price and quality item you need at local brick and mortar Salem MA, shops or online resources. For Salem shops we use see our endorsement listings.